Demo '16


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Guitar: Brandee
Drums: Jordan
Bass: Joyce
Vox: Raquel

All art by SIN CAVE


released May 16, 2016

Recorded and mixed by Joe E.

tapes with lyric sheet available May 24



all rights reserved


SIN CAVE Denver, Colorado

group photo by Lauren G.

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Track Name: Murderers
all brown all around
it ain't your kind of town
think you have some kind of reign?
time to put us in our place?
but we all know what is lost
fuck the cops!
there is no justice
murder in the streets
false arrests
its a race war
and we know your real targets
bodies at your fucking feet!
looking for solutions
not overcrowded prisons
are we really safe anywhere?
ice raids!
Track Name: Sin Espalda
si no estas luchando con nosotros
entonces a quien estas apoyando?
peleo para vivir y tu quedas sin espalda
Track Name: Ego
thanks for the unwelcomed flattery
now you think i owe you something
sick of this game
played by your rules
it doesnt matter what i say
doesnt matter what i do
i always lose
we always lose
held my tongue for far too long
patience wearing thin
im too far gone
fuck you
i wont live another day
coddling your ego
while mine decays
i wont take it anymore
i cant take it anymore
i wont take it anymore
Track Name: War
find it so hard to honor me?
questioning my "punk credibility"?
think respect is just a commodity?
take a look at what going on here
its war!
we thump in the night!
Track Name: Freeze
here we go again
you think you can threaten me,
turn you back and walk away?
your ignorance has you lost
manipulating the situation at any fucking cost
now i see right through you
and soon they will too
the words that you spew are anti feminist and you're racist
remain ignorant thats your own fucking choice
but now youre not fucking fooling anyone
you think you have a friend until they stab you in the back
your tongue was meant to cut me
but my words are a slow burn
right here ill stand my ground
im fucking brown and proud!
aqui con mi gente
ill freeze you out of town!